Here is where we are taking you on this journey

The Nine Chapters of MillennialBOOM!


  1. Blast from the Past – The Generations 101 – Take a blast from the past and meet the generations working in the business world today while moving light speed into the new millennium. Review the timeline, structure, demographics, and mannerism to better acquaint yourself with each living generation.
  2. “You Just Don’t Get It” – Both sides of the isle often have this attitude. We explore the judgmental generalizations that plague the workplace, and common complaints that we have about each other.
  3. How Boomers Approach “Work” – As Boomers have run a lot of companies and organizations for decades, this is the kind of work environment that we are most comfortable with. This chapter talks about things like work styles, organization culture, physical space and workaholics.
  4. Millennials Rewrite the Workplace – For millennial a work is something you do not where you go. There is a chance coming that involve off site work environments, non-traditional learning styles, accountability, and trust that will re-shape the workforce no just at the workplace.
  5. Technology: Natives versus Settlers – Millennials were born as natives into the high-tech of today, whereas Boomers moved to that country as settlers. The differences in how technology is used in the workplace are dramatically highlighted here.
  6. Millennial Wiring – what gets Patrick up in the morning? Millennials tend to think about themselves more than anything, so what motivates me to wake up in the morning?  Is it ME, ME, ME, or it is the choice, decision, or event that is taking place that makes me say I am up.  “Time” is the most valuable commodity that has an unexpected expiration date and needs to be grasped firmly before it runs out with you or anyone else. Dreaming is another way of brainstorming so by the time the morning comes I am ready to dream out loud.
  7. The Selfie Stick Generation – Differing views of Marriage and Family – You might ask what marriage and family have to do with the workplace? Everything when it comes to Millennials, since there is a very fuzzy line between work and personal life.
  8. Swag Your Style – What is Swag? It’s a word that represents yourself and what you represent. From your clothing, tattoos, music, vehicles, and things that make you “you”. From Dress codes at work and stereotypes of tattooed employees, swag is your style not your work ethic.
  9. Can You Hear Me Now? – A final conversation with Hans and Patrick including final tips and the most important Rules of Engagement.