Patrick…When I first met Hans.

I was on my way to China for the second time in my life, but this time to finish my MBA program with California State University, Fresno. 18 hours of fly time, movies, and sitting down is incredibly uncomfortable for me. So I decided to walk the huge 747 plane connecting with some of my classmates.

During this time I met Hans Finzel sitting by one of my classmates William Henson. Hans was not to excited that I was reaching over him and standing by his aisle seat blabbering to William. I then took the initiative to introduce myself to Hans and apologize for being so rude invading his personal space. Author Dr. Hans Finzel I found out was on his way to lecture on leadership in Beijing and that’s when it all started.

From the quick swift of the business card transaction and the emails to follow. I had a sense of urgency to explore Hans Finzel and who he was…4 books later I was a dedicated fan of his writings. I felt through his writings that he himself understood exactly what I was going through with my companies and growing in the eye of the boomers.

Conversations between us were stimulating, discussing baby boomers, Millennials, and the on-going change of generational gaps in the business world today. We quickly hit it off engaging in both of our passion of leadership and business. This was not the last we connected.

Hans… When  I first met Patrick.

I love going to China.  And I almost never talk to the person next to me on the flight over. But sitting next to me on the upper deck of that 747 was an interesting young man who asked me why I was flying over to Beijing.  “I am an author and am doing lectures on leadership.  The Chinese are hungry to learn about our management and leadership styles that are very different than theirs.”  Bill told me that he was flying over with a group of students that were going to Beijing to complete an MBA course for their master’s degrees.  He wanted to know about my books, and thanks to Wi-Fi on airplanes; he pulled up Amazon and browsed through my titles.

The fun really started with his friend Patrick came up to join us on the upper deck.  We really got animated and talked for a long time about leadership and generational views on the topic.  What struck me from the outset about Patrick, that I really liked, was his passion to learn and his respect for my generation.   Honestly, one of the big things that we boomers feel in these later years of our lives is irrelevancy.  “The younger generations really wish we would beat it and get out of their way.  We have nothing to offer them.”  I did not sense that from Patrick, and it was the beginning of a great friendship.